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Terra Ignota Magazine: Issue #2


Full color, 185 pages. Limited run of 500

Dive into the second issue of our travel and art magazine, Terra Ignota.  We  explore the joy of traveling as a complete sensory experience. The subtitle “Meridiem” (latin for mid-day) encapsulates what we’re aiming for. When we think of midday, we think of a day full of bright sunshine, full color, full expression… an assault on the senses.  This issue is a visual and written expression of that feeling.


In this issue you'll find: 

  • Northern Peru: Perfect Waves and Carjackings by Jordan Chiu 
  • Artist Spotlights: Gabriel Isaac Kasor, Jonathan Frioux, Geoff McEntire, and more
  • Preserving Caribbean Gems by Levi May
  • Sound Capsules: An audiovisual collection from remote corners of the earth by Pomelo's founder, Chris Muhlestein
  • Choquequirao: The Backdoor to Machu Picchu by Boston Wood
  • Beautiful artwork and design throughout by Geoffrey McEntire 

And more content from Pomelo Travel subscribers!

About Terra Ignota: Taking its title from the the Latin words for "uncharted land", the magazine aims to highlight stories and artwork that will stretch your mind and take you to unknown places, both physically and psychologically. This issue is the second in a series that will explore, (respectively), the morning, (Ante Meridiem), midday (Meridiem) and night (Post Meridiem).  Join with us as we travel into the uncharted lands — not only of the world, but our own minds.